KarmaDiscount is an app for PayPlans which allow you to enable customers to use their acquired Karma Points towards the purchase of subscriptions.

PayPlans is a highly flexible Subscription system which allows you to attach apps to each subscription enabling you to deeply integrate subscriptions into your Joomla based website. PayPlans is simple to use and flexible to a degree never before achieved (in our opinion)

Simply install the app like a typical plugin, attach it to the subscription(s) of your choice and configure each instance with the maximum amount of karma points you would like to allow a customer to apply towards their subscription as well as the points to dollar ratio (e.g. 10 points = $1).

When a customer purchases a subscription a box will display on the subscription page advising them how many points they have, they simply enter how many they would like to apply towards the purchase then they pay the remaining amount using the gateway plugins attached to the subscription.
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