Sound too good to be true? Let me assure you it is true!!

Jomsocial carries the same license as Joomla, the  GNU GPL meaning that anyone can modify and distribute it however they see fit.
What you are actually paying for when you buy from an opensource distributor is Support; not necessarily the files.
 As a professional development company in good standing with our customers we have decided to offer the files as well as support for jomsocial but for 1/3 the cost.
If you spend $50 or more at Socialables we will provide you with the latest copy of Jomsocial as well as updates for the duration of the subscription.
( NOTE! access to the files and support are for the length of your subscription - is not affiliated with Slashes & Dots Sdn. Bhd. - Distribution of Jomsocial is handled in accordance to it's licensing so it is 100% legal. - We are not claiming ownership to the name Jomsocial in anyway but are distributing it in accordance to Item #1 of the GNU GPL under which it has been licensed. ). 
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