This combo contains the full GeoCoding Suite for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 To Purchase a subscription visit our Subscription Page and choose your plan.

Included in the package is our new API which utilizes HTML 5 geo coding technology able to retrieve location information from browsers and GPS's (note that this new API is still in beta, if you experience any issues please downgrade to version 1.28 if you are using Joomla 1.5)

For Joomla 1.5 please unzip the package first, for Joomla 2.5 you can install the zip directly as it is in the format of the new Joomla Package.Automatically Locate Your users.

  • Geocoding component & plugin
  • GeoAvatar Member Matching Module (for Jomsocial and Community Builder),
  • GeoGroup Module for Jomsocial
  • Geo Text & Geo Tags for joomla.
  • Autofill & Autolocate for Jomsocial profile fields and DB table
  • Geo Maps indicating Event & User locations (using latest Google API's capable of displaying 1000's of markers at a time & Mobile friendly)
  • Maps: Limit visible markers to within a limited distance of the user e.g 500 miles
  • Limit Markers by Kilometers, Miles or Nautical Miles
  • Cluster Markers for fast loading times when there are excessive amounts of markers.
  • Marker Loading Progress Bar
  • Ajax Info Bubbles
  • The Most Accurate Geo Coding Technology for Joomla, Using resouces such as Reverse IP, HTML 5, or GPS Sensors.
  • Highly optimised for performance. Our System is the only one for Joomla able to handle 1000's of markers (even on a mobile device).
  • Using The Latest Google Map technology so it wont be phased out any time soon.

This system will gather a visitors City, State, Country, Zipcode, Arecode, Map Coordinates, Timezone, GMT offset and DST offset from their IP address. This information is then stored in a DB as well as a cookie which includes an API to easily access this information to use in any number of ways.

This package includes 6 extensions,

1st the Member Matching Module called "GeoAvatar" This module is written for Jomsocial and Community Builder and will look at the visitors IP address and find all members within a certain distance of the visitor based on pre-set criteria such as state or country - This also works for logged in members.

2nd GeoGroup is similar to GeoAvatar but it displays groups local to the viewer, This only works for Jomsocial at the moment.

3rd is a text tag system for joomla which will allow you to customize articles according to visitors, See the front page article for an example. Our Welcome message welcomes a user if they are registered to the system even if they are not logged in. If they are not registered it simply states welcome guest. This is done by placing tags in your articles such as [name] which will call you {name}  if you are a member.

Other text tags available are:

  • City: {city}
  • State: {state}
  • Country: {country}
  • Areacode: {zipcode}
  • Map Coordinates: {coords}
  • Timezone: {timezone}
  • DST offset: {dstoffset}
  • GMT offset: {gmtoffset}
  • IP address: {ip}

4th GeoSensitive content - That will make your articles Geo Sensitive perhaps you have an ad or article that you would like to be specific to the viewers location, Using any of the above information you can tag sections of articles to display to those particular visitors.

Below is a simple example but the possibilities are endless:

[ +{city:Portland,state:Oregon}+ ]
If this was processed by our system it would only show to visitors from Portland,Oregon.
[ -{city:Portland,state:Oregon}- ]

5th GeoCode component Will list all users and the information associated to them

6th the geocoding api - a plugin at the heart of it all, the api can easily be integrated into other extensions to automatically fill out forms or tables.

Please note this system is written for PHP5 and has not been tested with PHP4

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