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First friend is a jomsocial plugin that will send a friend request from one or more user id's to all new members when they 1st register, much like myspace where tom is your first friend. Also First Friend will send a welcome email to all new members when they first register on your site.

Emails are sent out in the normal email que of jomsocial.Welcome your new users in style

Included in your files will be:
com_friendmanager -  Installing the component automatically installs or updates the plugin.

Letter Logic has become Ultra Powerful, now you can send custom emails, pm's, gifts, friend request and email attachments based upon the profile selections a user makes, Join our site and choose your gender to get an example of how it works.

Please note that Mass friending will make everyone on your site friends with each other, do not use it unless you want this to happen. If you do hit mass friending a backup of your connection table will be taken, you can restore your connections with the backup if needed.

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