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2.7.6+ Uses Joining Rules which can be easily setup by pointing and clicking,The triggers are still in the plugins so make sure to enable atleast 1 the plugins are still required for full operation. The status has been changed to Release Candidate 1 you should be safe to use it on a live site.

IMPORTANT NOTE, if you installed any version between 2.7.0 through 2.7.5 Please uninstall the old version as the database tables were altered slightly.


The Jomsocial Auto Group Joiner

Auto Group will automatically join members to groups based on their selection from a profile field which you as the administrator setup. For example say you have an online classroom that teaches math, spelling and history.

You can add a custom field with jomsocial that will ask what they would like to learn, math, spelling or history. When the user selects math, they are automatically joined to all groups with the word math in the title or from the category math or from the groups with math in the title from the category called math.

Whenever the member updates his or her profile and changes his category he is added to the groups from his current category.
The member or group admin are responsible for leaving the groups they have joined.

You can also use Multi-Select Elements so that if your user choses math and history, they will be added to both groups and to take it even a step further
you can have multiple multiple select elements ie a group of check boxes for category of groups a multi-select dropdown as well as a radio element, enabling
you to handle large amounts of group selections.

PLEASE NOTE: The Auto Group plugin REQUIRES jomsocial version 1.6.268 or above to work, it will not work with any version before 1.6.268
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